A Small Linen Closet Makeover


To follow up my previous post on using baskets and bins to organize, I thought I’d share how I put that into practice with an easy small linen closet makeover.

Welcome to our linen closet….or should I say our everything closet. I think I’ve mentioned before that we live in a small ranch stye bungalow, a cute little house with equally cute little closets. In fact, other than a small coat closet when you enter the house, there are no other main catch-all closets…this is it. Which means this five shelf, narrow closet that’s tucked away at the end of the hallway has to work hard. Really hard.

This past year, with the addition of a baby to our household, we lost our office (aka storage room) when we turned it into a nursery. Having to find a new home or purge all of the items in that room made me realize how important it was for everything to have a spot. I no longer had the luxury of throwing stuff into a room and shutting the door.

In a desperate effort to find more space, I turned to the main closet in our home, what you would traditionally call the linen closet. In our case it needed to work as our everything closet. It needed to store not just extra linens, but also towels, first aid supplies, toiletries, ironing supplies, and other random extras.

I started by re-designating what each set of shelves would need to hold. This helped me figure out what I was actually going to be able to fit in there. For instance, I would love to have a bunch of extra sheets and towels in here, but the reality is I could only justify one shelf for our household towels and one extra set of sheets, so I downsized our collection of those items until only what would fit was left.

Speaking of fit, you may notice the towels are stored rolled up rather than folded, which is because the closet is so shallow it doesn’t fit a traditionally folded stack of towels. While they are a little bit of a pain to put away, it maximizes our use of space and looks cute, so no complaints here. And yes, we do have a whole basket devoted to holding heat packs – priorities, right? I listed one of my favorite heat pack brands in the sources link at the bottom of the post.

Once I had figured out how I was going to organize the linens and towels, it was on to the matter of finding bins or baskets that would fit the shelves in a way that maximized the space. I found the gray woven bins at Target for a really budget friendly price. They have handles that make them convenient to pull out and are made of an easy to clean plastic material.

The final touch was to add something pretty, because why not make the inside of your closet pretty to look at? It’s like a nice little pop of happy every time you open the doors up. For this closet I added some graphic black and white contact paper to the back wall. It adds interest and pattern while complimenting the gray and aqua color palette. I bought the contact paper at Target, but couldn’t find a link to it online, so I linked to a similar one below.

For me, this tiny space was the perfect way to start the new year with small organizing baby steps. What about you, have you tackled any new year organization projects yet?

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My Favorite Baskets & Bins


1. bamboo bin  2. mint box  3. striped bin  4. woven cube  5. handle basket  6. wire basket

Baskets and bins, bins and baskets! January has such a reputation for being the month of new beginnings and clean slates – it’s also the dreariest month here in the Pacific Northwest. It just rains. And rains. And rains some more. Which makes it the perfect time to tidy up and organize inside our cozy little house.

I think that sometimes the holidays and all of the decorations that come along with them can make our homes feel cluttered (in a good way), so by the time January rolls around people are ready to purge, streamline, and organize their homes. I am definitely one of those people, although if I’m being completely honest, I’m probably one of those people all year long.

One of the main ways I’ve organized for a long time is with baskets and bins. Whether it’s under sinks to corral extra toiletries, in linen closets to keep extra towels ready for guests, or in a main living space for a handy place to store blankets, baskets and bins really are the workhorses of our homes.  I know this idea isn’t anything earth shatteringly new, but there are so many new options out there to organize with beyond traditional wicker baskets, and at great affordable price points too!

Wicker baskets will always be one of those forever items in my home, they’re so classic I don’t think they will ever go out of style, and so versatile that I’m continually surprised by the new uses I find for them. That being said, sometimes you want to change it up a little, right? I like to mix baskets with other materials for a more collected look. I think the key to a collected look is to use multiple items, but still keep it cohesive. The easiest way to keep things cohesive is to use complimentary colors, materials, and textures.

I’ve rounded up some baskets and bins that I love and use throughout various parts of our home. I always seem to gravitate towards striped patterns and hues of blue, and this round up definitely attests to that. I love that the variety of textures (from canvas to wire), and the array of patterns (from herringbone to stripe) work together but still keep it different enough to be interesting.

Happy organizing!