Best of Ikea Round-Up


6 must have items for your next ikea trip.

Happy Saturday! I’ve talked a little bit previously about our upcoming move out of the city and our future renovation plans (full story here). The further we get into the planning phase, the more and more we are realizing how expensive renovations are. So. Very. Expensive. In an effort to rein in the skyrocketing bids we seem to be getting, I’ve been searching for ways to save money. Can we do the kitchen remodel ourselves? How hard can putting flooring down be? Could I learn to tile? You get the picture.

All of this to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Ikea lately looking at different renovation options for kitchens. We live in the Portland area and are lucky enough to be within close driving distance to an Ikea, which I know isn’t the case for a lot of people. Even though we are within a 45 minute drive, it’s still a bit of a jaunt, so I try to have a list of specific things I’m looking for or want to stock up on when I go there, otherwise it can be overwhelming.

There are a few items that are my favorites because they check all of the boxes – form, function, and price! I thought I would share them with you today in case you have an Ikea trip or online order planned in your future.

Begarlig Vase – I have and love this vase for a lot of reasons. It’s quite large, great for holding flowers or candles. It also has a hand blown vibe to it that makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. In fact, I’ve seen some similar vases for way more money on designer websites.

Elly Towels – I think everyone loves these towels. They are such a great deal, are super absorbent, and I don’t feel bad if my toddler gets a hold of one to “help” me clean.

Fryken Boxes – These are perfect for just about anywhere in your home. They look just as great on a living room coffee table as they do on a bathroom shelf. They add extra hidden storage while adding a great seagrass texture to any room. I already have one set, but am contemplating if I need another.

Bumerang Hangers – All wood hangers for under $4 a pack? Count me in.

Kampig Hook – Brass accents have been around for a while now and I don’t see them going anywhere soon. These hooks are an affordable way to try out the trend without over committing – and I would never guess they came from Ikea!

Ingabritta Throw – This lightweight throw is the perfect color at the perfect price point for a little spring room refresh.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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December Favorites


A Nod to Navy 

Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas! Remember when you were a kid and Christmas seemed to take forever to get here? And now it comes so fast it seems to sneak up on you and hit you in the face? If that’s not an analogy for adulthood, I don’t know what is.

There is so much inspiration floating around out there on the interwebs that it can start to feel like you aren’t doing Christmas right if you aren’t doing all the things.  This year I decided to make a simple list of four things I’d like to do this season – that way I have both a plan so I don’t feel overwhelmed, and the satisfaction of feeling like I enjoyed the season to its fullest. And you know what? It worked! I made a dried orange garland, started and advent calendar, made homemade hot chocolate, and planted paperwhites.

In honor of that list, here are four of my favorites from around the web this past month in all of their festive goodness:

  • In an effort to slow the season down and enjoy the little moments, I made stovetop potpourri yesterday and let it simmer on the stove all day. To me, it’s what Christmas would smell like if you could bottle it, and it’s so easy. I used a sliced up orange, a couple of cinnamon sticks, a pomegranate, and some rosemary. Bring it to a boil and then reduce to a simmer (just remember to add water throughout the day so it doesn’t dry out).
  • Gift guides for the holidays abound throughout the internet, but mommypotomus always curates a great one. Her suggestions are useful, healthy, and she always manages to come up with unique ideas that you don’t see duplicated on other gift guides.
  • The White Buffalo Styling Company just revealed her newly renovated kitchen and it turned out amazing. As someone who currently lives in a small space and is about to embark on a renovation with our new house, it’s inspiring to see a reveal that looks both beautiful and attainable.
  • Edie from Life in Grace is doing an Advent series on her blog. It’s such a good way to take a moment out of your day to really concentrate on the true meaning of the season.
  • If you don’t already follow Half Baked Harvest, you should. The photography is to die for and her recipes draw you in unlike any other. Her baked cinnamon crème brûlée french toast with raspberry preserves is a recipe I’ve put on my must make list.

Merry Christmas!


Fall Favorites


1. Cozy Blanket  2. Beeswax Candle  3. Jojoba Oil  4. Staub Tea Kettle  5. Numi Tea  6. Coffee Table Book

With fall officially here in Oregon, it’s time to pull out the blankets, candles, and generally get that hygge feeling going around the house.

What I use to get that hygge feeling hasn’t really changed much over the years, but the products I choose to use definitely have. I’ve always tried to be conscious of the chemicals brought into our home, but after having my daughter this past year, I realized there were still things I was bringing into our house that were counteracting all of the good I was trying to do – one of these was candles.

I love a good candle, so when I read about all of the artifical fragrance and pollutants that are dispersed into the air when we burn candles in our home, I was disappointed to say the least. Do you ever feel like that? Like when is my next favorite thing going to be ruined for me? Sometimes knowing more isn’t as fun as blissful ignorance.

Burning candles in the evening throughout the fall and winter months seemed like a lot to give up, so in an effort to find a substitute I did some research, which is where I found out about beeswax candles. Ah, the honey bee, I should have guessed. So many good things come from bees, and beeswax candles are no exception. They release negative ions that actually clean the air in your house, they burn slower than traditional candles, and best of all, they smell like warm honey. Etsy has a great selection of handmade beeswax candles, which is where I’ve bought all of mine so far.

To help you get in the spirit of bringing the hygge feeling into your home, I’ve rounded up some of my fall favorites above, all of which I own and love: A cozy blanket to curl up with, my favorite beeswax candles, jojoba oil for that dry winter skin, the last tea kettle I’ll ever have to buy, my favorite tea brand, and a beautiful coffee table book.